Hand-Crafted Art by Gail Cavalier

Some of my art creations are available for sale, and the pieces that are currently available can easily be purchased on this site. If you see anything that you like, but want it customized or personalized, just get in touch with me, and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. I often create custom pieces by request. All custom orders are unique and hand-crafted. Some are exclusive designs that will never be recreated for any other customer.


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Customer Reactions

Hand-Crafted Art - Woodburned and Carved Wooden Art 1
My brother-in-law in Florida loves his paddle. Here is a picture of it in use as he is boiling some crabs. Thanks for making the perfect present for  him!
Maria Guidry
CEO  - YesAndDeed
August 18, 2020
Hand-Crafted Art - Woodburned and Carved Wooden Art 1
I wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU! It was well received and your work is impressive. I've been raving about your work and hope to send more business your way.
Thomas Taylor
Vice President, Brand Activation  - Bespoke Sports & Entertainment
August 06, 2020